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Acquiring ABRSM books and materials


A wealth of resources are available through ABRSM, and acquiring the necessary books and materials can be very easy.  Printed materials can be purchased either online through Boosey & Hawkes, ABRSM's print shop, or through an online reseller.  All online resellers, including the likes of, purchase books directly through the U.S. distributor, Song of Songs.  You are able to purchase directly through the U.S. distributor, or locally through Campbell Learning Center, if you reside in Houston.  Purchasing online through Boosey & Hawkes or Editions Peters allows you to preview some of the materials before purchasing.  Be prepared to pay a conversion rate and/or shipping cost accordingly.  Houston residents might find that purchasing through the CLC Shop might provide a faster turnaround on frequently ordered materials such as exam syllabus, sight-reading and aural training.  


Various digital materials, such as app's and training videos are also available through ABRSM website.  To find what you need, start with the links below.

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