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please ask what instruments we currently offer lessons for!




There is something completely mesmerizing about having eighty-eight smooth, black and white keys right under your fingertips.  The possibilities of note, articulation, tone, and style combinations are endless.  When you play the piano, you have an entire orchestra at your disposal and can play any genre with ease including classical, jazz, pop, blues, and sacred.  The piano became the household instrument of choice in the 1800s - a status symbol near and dear to the newly developing middle class.  It's popularity has continued to the present day, at least in part due to its versatility as a solo, chamber, and orchestral instrument and the fact that learning to play the piano is challenging but also tremendously fun.


Guitars may have anywhere from four to eighteen strings and may be either acoustic or electric, but they all share a few things in common.  They are played by plucking or strumming strings with the right hand while the left hand presses against the strings to alter pitch (this is known as fretting).  Guitars are popular instruments in just about every musical genre including bluegrass, jazz, flamenco, soul, classical, and country and are heard for such disimilar events as worship services, rock concerts, and campfire meetings.

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