Calling all advancing music students ~ this competition is especially for you!
If you are at least in your second-year of music lessons and want to show off your talents, you can have a real shot at winning $100!   


See the rules below --


Competition Date:  March 31 @ 2:30pm

Deadline to sign up:  February 15

Entry fee:  $20

One single winner will receive $100 cash prize


Competition guidelines:  

  • Participant must meet the following requirements
  1. Has studied instrument for at least 1 full year (12 months)
  2. Is currently in level 2 book or equivalent
  3. Has not yet advanced to level 4 book or equivalent


  • Repertoire selection must meet the following requirements
  1. At least 2 pages long, in original form 
  2. Purchased music (must present to judge on the day of competition)
  3. Memorized


Classical literature is preferred, but not required. Teachers are encouraged to help students select repertoire outside of their "lesson book" which would be challenging and appropriate.  


Open to ALL students

Bravo! A CLC Competition


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