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Middle School Region Violin Boot Camp!

Aiming to help middle school students in their preparation for the Region violin


  • Learn from our instructor, Dr. Kami
  • Start right after recieving region music
  • Four weeks of preperation and last week of a mock audition
  • It will teach students how to practice efficiently the repertoire and reach the highest
    degree of accuracy on the day of the audition.
  • The group setting will allow students to perform under stress in front of others and
    learn techniques to overcome nerves.
  • Students will learn how to play together as a violin section, which is a key element of
    orchestral practice.


5 classes, On Saturday from 4:30PM – 5:30PM, September 2 to September 30 for only $150!

We will be hosting this class at Campbell Learning Center!


Regular registration ends August 28, 2023!  Secure your slot today!




September 2: Discuss the key elements of the repertoire: what to pay attention to;
best fingerings; articulation and bow allocation; musical gestures
September 9: Read through the repertoire and assign individually tailored at-home


September 16: First individual performance of piece No. 1 with group feedback.
Work on piece No. 2 in preparation for the following week
September 23: First individual performance piece No. 2 with group feedback

Review of piece No. 1

September 30: Mock audition followed by group feedback
Tricks on how to control stage fright

Middle School Region Violin Boot Camp