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The Violin Journey!

an intro to instrument playing


Violin based class for VOE students!


  • Learn basics of note-reading, rhythms, and pitches
  • Convenient 60 minute lesson
  • Program culminates with graduation ceremony!
  • Ages 7+ welcomed
  • Violin rental required


VOE: 12 classes, On Wednesday from 2:40PM – 3:40PM, September 6 to December 13 for only $300!


Instructor will bring students to designated classroom after school.  Parents will receive details regarding dismissal procedures after student is enrolled in the program.


All early dismissal dates will continue at Campbell Learning Center


Regular registration ends September 1, 2023!  Secure your slot today!



Class Location: The Orchestra instructor will meet all students in the Music Classroom.

Pick-up procedures: The Orchestra instructors will walk all students to “FRONT ENTRANCE” for pick-up.  Parents are asked to pick up students on time at 3:40 pm.

Late pick-up policy: Parents are asked to pick up students on time at 3:40 pm.   Mr. Ghavi-Helm does have more lessons at another campus immediately after VOE and therefore cannot accommodate late pick-up’s. A fee of $10 for the first 5 minutes, and $1/min thereafterwill be assessed for any late pick-up’s. We appreciate your cooperation with this!


What to expect on the first day of class? 

Brand new students without instruments need not worry!   Mr. Ghavi-Helm will be working with the students for the first lesson on learning about various parts of the violin and the different instruments.  The second half will then be devoted to reading music, understanding rhythms and music styles via violin playing.  Each student will complete the course with the ability to identify the name, sound, and function of each instrument within the orchestra, and will also perform beginner violin pieces from memory at the graduation ceremony.


A topical outline of this semester is as followed:


Topic 1: Instrument Anatomy, Instrument Care, String Names 

Topic 2: Pizzicato, Posture, Reading Rhythms  

Topic 3: Pizzicato and Reading Music Symbols and open strings on treble clef 

Topic 4: Right-hand technique and posture. Working on playing rhythms on open string 

Topic 5: Note reading with introduction to left fingers 1, 2 and 3

Topic 6: Working on applying rhythms to short melodies using open string and fingers 1, 2 and 3

Topic7: Working on presentations and performance for graduation

Final class day:  Graduation Ceremony!  


How to acquire an instrument for your child? 

Beginning lesson 2, your child will need to begin bringing a violin to every class.  We recommend brand new beginners to rent a violin since they will "grow" with their instrument. As students age and progress, renting offers you the option of trading up sizes, and/or receiving help with any maintenance issues. All rental and delivery arrangements will need to be done directly with the rental provider. CLC does not take direct payments for or on behalf of any rental stores. Below are the closest violin rental stores within Houston area:

  • Sam's Strings
  • Lisle Violin Shop
  • Gold Violin Shop
  • Amati Violin Shop

What does my child need to participate weekly? 

Every student will need to have the following item each week to be successful and productive during lessons. All of these items can be purchased or requested from your violin rental provider.

Violin, violin case, bow, cleaning cloth & rosin (should be included with your violin rental.  Check with provider for pricing)

Shoulder rest OR  sponge (available through your violin rental provider)

Foldable music stand (available through violin rental provider or CLC)

Finger tapes for violin

The Violin Journey @ VOE