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Pianist Shu-Peng Wang has come to music from a diverse background. Despite starting piano as a child, he has explored the world not just through music, but also as a biologist, using his knowledge as a different point of reference for the interpretation of his musical ideas. Shu-Peng has participated in a number of competitions. He was the winner of Tainan City Student Music Competition, the Taipei City Student music Competition in 2013, and most recently, his 2019 performance of Prokofiev’s Sixth Piano Sonata was recently awarded “Best Prokofiev Performance” by the Great Composers Competition. As a passionate teacher, Shu-Peng was a teacher offering group keyboard lesson at the elementary school for a year in Taiwan. He was a private piano teacher in Boston area for 3 years, with the students ranging from young children to adults. He is full of passion to teach and inspire his students, letting them to enjoy the music while having the skills. Shu-Peng Wang has studied piano in Taiwan with Hua-Rong Yen and in Boston with Pavel Nersessian. Mr. Wang has been influenced by his teachers, including Tali Morgulis, Pavel Nersessian, Artemis Hua-Rong Yen, and Tanya Gabrielian. He is also deeply influenced by the great pianist, Martha Argerich. Mr. Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from National Taiwan University in Taiwan and a Master’s degree in Piano Performance at Boston University. Mr. Wang currently is in the Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance program at University of Houston, studying with Dr. Tali Morgulis.

Campbell Learning Center  is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing students of all ages with quality Fine Arts instruction in Greater Houston.  Learning to play an instrument or speak a new language builds confidence, develops coordination and reasoning abilities, teaches life skills such as perseverance and time-management, and is extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  

At CLC, we truly believe that music and language education can - and should be - accessible to everyone. Our unique mission drives us to serve Houston communities that may not otherwise have access to high caliber instruction from committed and experienced educators. Top quality lessons, workshops, performances and courses taught by our unparalleled faculty and traveling artists foster both love and learning for any age or ability.

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