Our Vision:  To bring about cultural awareness through the arts to Houston's under-served population

Our Mission:  To make quality fine arts education accessible to students of all ages and ability in the Houston area through comprehensive and life-long learning

Our Core Values:


Building avenues and opportunities for students to work collaboratively in order to develop mutual respect and empathy



Promoting self-confidence by assisting student in achieving individual and standardized goals set forth by local and international benchmarks 



Inspiring students to appreciate and experience beauty in all artforms by providing outlets for both participation and the creation of art


Encouraging students to give back to the local community by sharing their time, resources, and talents.

Our Programs

Music Education

We offer private lessons in piano, guitar, violin, voice, harp, flute, and trumpet and group piano and guitar classes.  Our talented instructors introduce students to the exciting and colorful world of music, emphasizing both technique and artistry while incorporating singing, ear training, and movement into lessons.  

What to expect


  For young beginners:

  • Purposeful musical activities leading to creative expression

  • Significant development of the child's listening skills

  • Movement experiences to augment perceptual learning

  • Use of rhythm instruments to develop ensemble skills

  • An appropriate readiness for later study on an instrument


  For older students:

  • Age and level appropriate method books and materials

  • Complete training in aural skills, sight reading, technique, and scales

  • Opportunities for performances and recitals

  • Opportunities for local, state, and national competitions


  For all our students and families:

  • Experienced instructors with advanced degrees and accolades

  • Beautiful pianos including Steinway, Boston and Essex

  • Performance opportunities in-house and throughout the community

  • Warm and welcoming learning environment

  • Individual classrooms for one-on-one private lessons

  • Secure entry and spacious waiting areas

  • Newly renovated 250-seat recital hall with two grand pianos and fully equipped recording capabilities

Foreign Language & Cultural Immersion 
Culture Immersion classes in Chinese, French, and Spanish equip students with valuable communication skills and delve into the culture behind each language.  Students explore holidays, cuisine, folk art, and dance traditions while learning the language.  

What to expect

  • Integration of visual and performing arts within each program

  • Courses taught by native speakers

  • Cultural immersion activities

  • Opportunities for cooking classes, field trips, and festivals

  • Small class size ratios

  • Instructional kitchen with built-in cameras and screens to display live demonstrations 

Special Needs Education

The Special Needs department offers programs benefiting high functioning students of all ages diagnosed with autism, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, ADD, ADHD, and hearing or visual impairment.  Students are placed with experienced and capable special needs teachers for monthly activities such as cooking classes, arts and crafts, and hand chime or vocal choir.  Community performances and participation in local festivals and events are a highlight for our students.   ​

What to expect

  • High-functioning students with autism, aspergers, visual or auditory impairments of all ages are welcomed

  • Group and private session taught by music therapist

  • Life skills integration within lessons

  • Activities to enhance both gross motor and fine motor skills 

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1440 Campbell Road, Houston, TX 77055