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that moment when you first heard the beautiful “Für Elise” or “Canon in D” being performed?  You thought to yourself, “I wish I could do that”, or “If only I had a chance to learn this as a child…”

Indeed, music education was once an integral part of the standardized school curriculum because people knew and believed in the discipline it could instill and the cognitive training it could offer for the growing mind.  Not only does music education improve overall emotional health and physical dexterity, it also promotes positive social interaction while lowering delinquency rates in schools. 


However, each year we see a decrease in federal funding for music programs and increased budget cuts across the country, which in turn lowers the school system's ability to acquire proper equipment and qualified professionals.  Proper music education is on a steady decline, often reduced down to supplemental “play time” administered in non-music classrooms.  Many public and private schools resort to cutting their music program altogether due to the lack of financial support and resources. 


Where does a parent, uncle, aunt, or guardian like yourself go to provide musical enrichment and training for those you care about?  Wouldn’t it be ideal for your little ones to have music training taught by experienced teachers and internationally-recognized musicians right there in your school district?  What would you say when you see your own child on stage performing songs that you played, or wish you had, when you were young?


Join Campbell Learning Center in making that vision possible. As a  501(C)3 not-for-profit organization, CLC has provided free and subsidized music classes, concerts, performances and activities since 2009.  Each year, CLC joins forces with local Spring Branch ISD schools in offering after-school music classes as well as free assistance to local SBISD schools with struggling bands and orchestras. We partner with community leaders in providing enrichment courses for Special Needs students and intensive training classes for the Gifted and Talented.  Our highly trained and distinguished music faculty possesses on average 45 years of teaching experience, and is comprised of local college professors and internationally recognized performers. 
No other music school in Houston can boast of such a high caliber team with the passion to reach out to the local
community -- at no cost to the schools and the district.


This means we need your help.  The funds we raise directly affect YOUR child’s school.  Please consider donating to our cause and supporting our efforts this year.  Let’s give music back to our local schools and communities.  Together we can, and we must, keep music education alive.

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