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Campbell Learning Center Teaching Instructors Piano Violin Harp Faculty Recital Eugene Holton Andrew Boyle Elaine Tao, Natalie Voogt Timothy Krippner Scott Cuellar Jaya Varma Susanna Campbell Robbie Li Private Music Lessons Spring Branch Memorial Area Houston Texas

Here at the Campbell Learning Center, we believe in the power of music to empower individuals, to enrich communities, and to change lives. We offer both private and group courses which aim to unleash the creative artist in each individual through personalized instruction.  We follow a holistic approach to music education with an emphasis on creating well-rounded musicians who set and achieve long-term goals with the guidance and discipline of their teacher. Our instructors work toward developing and improving a student’s listening, motor, and coordination skills.  We offer instruction in piano, violin, guitar, voice, flute, and harp. Please use one of the buttons below to learn more about our music faculty and course offerings!

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